Moxie & Moonshine is a new adventure from Tzufit, who brought you the WoW blog “Tree Heals Go Woosh.”

About Me

Though I have played many MMOs over the last 5 years or so, my primary focus was World of Warcraft. There I first learned how to raid and originally did so as a Restoration druid. Since the Mists of Pandaria expansion, however, I raided as a pandaren Mistweaver Monk.

I’m looking forward to new challenges and fun in WildStar. My writing is pretty eclectic, so posts here may range from  ethical questions as they relate to the game to the function of storytelling in WildStar, and musings about PvE healing with a brand new combat style.

Contact Me

I can be reached via email at:  soeTzufit@gmail.com, or via twitter @soeTzufit.

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